by Oriana Kraemer

Amsterdam or Dublin?

First week in Ireland and I am still haunted by the Netherlands. It seems not only the Chinese are interested in historic Dutch canal house architecture. I discovered this curious eclectic housing block named La Rochelle (!) on Lamb Alley, Christchurch, Dublin.

La Rochelle

The historicised “Dutch” gables sit on a rustic Irish looking stone wall that covers a parking garage. A strange symbiosis. But to be fair – the detailing of the “Dutch” facade is not bad, even the masonry looks authentic. The architects were clever enough to use a Flemish bond as opposed to a stretcher, the most common treacherous mistake of hitoricised architecture.

La Rochelle Dublin

birdview ©Google

Zoomed in on Google maps though, the back facade appears pretty standard and seems to have difficulties to meet the pitched roofs. Unfortunately I couldn’t find out more about the building as my internet search only resulted in flight offers between La Rochelle (France) and Dublin..