Dublin Flats

by Oriana Kraemer

Flats on Dominick Street Lower (back facade)

Making use of first sunny days this year I went out and about to photograph my probably favourite architectural typology in Dublin, the inner city council flats, social housing of the late fifties and sixties. Unlike in Germany or the Netherlands these dwellings are woven into the existing inner city fabric as opposed to accumulate in large districts along its borders. Although they mostly fail to connect with the surroundings and refuse to define public and private spaces, these modernist free-standing blocks have some sort of elegance about them: Their complex composition of living units, a ground floor apartment with two duplex apartments on top, sculpt the facade with access balconies and balcony ribbons on alternating floors. The building’s cylindrical stair towers connect the access balconies and special features such as the wing-shaped roof and beautiful mosaiques lining the balconies decorate the early examples of this typology.

Flats on Dominick Street Lower (street facade)Nice brick detail on Kevin Barry House facadeKevin Barry HouseKevin Barry HouseKevin Street FlatsMosaique on Kevin St. LowerGable and external round staircase  - Flats on Kevin St. Lower

William Street North Flats William Street North Flats