Face to Face

by Oriana Kraemer

damp smile

Not only is Dublin a city of human scale but also of human face. Yes, FACE – you heard right. I can’t help the feeling that Ireland’s capital partly owes its familiarity and friendliness to those many houses that watch over you, laugh with you, cry with you and sing with you… This exceptional quantity of expressions in the city scape is fostered by the low-rise policy of the council which has unintentionally set the base for a variety of facade emos.

It is commonly known that evolution has enabled us to extract information about sex, age, and intentions from facial expressions. Scientific studies have also shown that we analyse artificial structures, such as cars in the exact same way. This insight has provided an extremely useful marketing tool to the car industry that can use the Evolutionary-based emotional design to attract certain target groups. Translating this to the building sector, It would be interesting to find out how architectural “faces” influence the psyche of the urbanite, his relationship and bonding with the city and how the architect could work with this knowledge. Anybody knows more about the topic? Below some of my favourite Dublin faces (whom I secretly greet when I pass)…

Hat House

singing houses on arbour hilltwinkling house on arbour hill  hungry house

cute house in temple bar